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Acne Treatments

Medical Facials

One of the latest treatments now available through our clinic is the advanced medical facial. This type of facial can assist with such dermatological issues as acne treatment, clogged pores or can be used alongside other facial treatments in a skincare regimen. Unlike regular facials done in spas or salons, our sophisticated medical facial procedures are professional skin treatments performed by well-trained and professional aestheticians.

In order to provide exceptional results, the products we use are medical-grade and available only to licensed physicians. Your skin will feel more refreshed, healthy, smooth, and youthful, and visible skin damage will be minimized. Medical facial treatments include a variety of therapies including massage, gentle exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, hydrating masques, steam, extractions, moisturizing and toning, and the best part is that the effects are immediately noticeable!

Acne Surgery

Our high success rate in acne therapy is the result of our thorough program of acne care. Our regimen consists of topical and oral medication plus acne blu-light therapy plus acne surgery, a painless type of acne facial designed for acne prone skin.

Acne surgery, performed monthly by our highly trained esthetician, is an effective method for unblocking obstructed pores so they can be chemically cleaned and treated. This process not only aids in clearing acne more rapidly but helps acne pore skin to remain clear.

Other Acne Treatments

Besides facials and acne surgery, Horwitz Dermatology offers a variety of other options for treating acne and acne scarring. Click one of the links below to learn about one of our other treatment options.