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INFINIskin treatments provide unparalleled outcomes with High Intensity Focused Radiofrequency technology, delivering thermal energy deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production for impressive results. Achieve the youthful skin you desire, without the surgical downtime.

Infini FAQs

How does the Infini treatment feel?
You will feel heat and some pressure. The treatment is tolerable but your physician will work with you to maximize your comfort level. Compared with CO2 lasers, many patients find the INFINI more comfortable.

How long is the downtime?
There is an initial redness and swelling which substantially subsides after 24-36 hours. It can take up to a week for this to completely resolve. Most people resume normal activities within 48 hours of an Infini treatment.

How long will my Infini results last?
Unlike many other procedures, this has long lasting results since it is your own body that is at work. The effects could last for years.

How long before I see results?
You can expect to see some changes soon after the Infini procedure. However, your body will continue to rebuild collagen for several weeks after, so you will see improvement over the next six months.

How long does the treatment take and how many treatments will I need?
A treatment can take as little as 15 minutes and up to an hour. Your physician will discuss your goals which will determine the length and number of treatments you will need. Many see results after just one Infini treatment.